“It is a good show, actually a very good show. Go. You will have a lovely evening and some really interesting after show conversation.”

– Wendy Light (Goldstar Member since 2007)

“Wow, what a play, very unexpected. Fantastic story and acting in a tiny elevator. All the casts are great and set design, I mean, elevator was very real. A+ play.”

- Sammy Green (Goldstar Member since 2009)

“Loved it...every minute. Great acting, beautiful singing...deep insights and a totally enjoyable evening. Thank you.”

- Michael Harris (Goldstar Member since 2007)

“This was a pleasant surprise. I was not expecting the amount of humor, or degree of depth this play had in showing human conditions and emotions. All the cast members are talented...”

- (Goldstar Member since 2004)

“TEN stars!!! This was fantastic, and a very pleasant surprise.”

– Andrew (Goldstar Member since 2007)

“This was a great play. All the actors were very good. Great set too. GO! Don't miss this one.”

- (Goldstar Member since 2008)

“WOW - I loved it And Hilarious!! You must go...great way to spend an afternoon/evening.”

– Betsy (member since 2010)

“Excellent play. Good especially for audience that are not afraid to see themselves in any of the characters.”

- (Goldstar Member since 2010)

“It is really a excellent play. Everyone should see this.”

- (Goldstar Member since 2005)

“Funny and yet a view into human psychological profiles. Excellent acting, interesting the whole time, highly recommend people see this play!!!”

- (Goldstar Member since 2003)

“This was a winner!!!"

- Terry Petit (Goldstar Member since 2010)

“Intimate Theater, interesting characters, great production, lot of funny moments - well done Go see it!”

- (Goldstar Member since 2004)


– Ricky Kim (Goldstar Member since 2004)

“The acting was superb, the stories believable and the cast couldn't have been better. I highly recommend. Go, you will be glad you did.”

– Lorane Gordan (Goldstar Member since 2010)

“Very, very, very good!”

– (Goldstar Member since 2004)

“Loved it! The actors (as well as the set) beautifully conveyed the anxiety of being trapped in the elevator. Watching the actors go from stranger to familiars and back again was a voyeuristic delight!”

– (Goldstar Member since 2008)

“Very funny and touching. I highly recommend it.”

- Lorna (Goldstar Member since 2007)

“I can't begin to describe how much I love this production. I'm seeing this again on Sunday.”

– Chris (Goldstar Member since 2010)

"Elevator" took us for a great ride. A friend and I attended the other night and was amazed with the ensemble and their magnificent performances. A remarkable production !!! ”

– Lenore (Goldstar Member since 2010)

"My husband and I were very much entertained with this cute, thought-provoking play. Just goes to show how our first impressions can be so totally wrong. The actors were very good and the play itself was fun and quite enjoyable. I would highy recommend this to all my family and friends."

– Donna Driscoll (Goldstar member since 2010)

“Fun, fun, fun. The cast was fabulous and the staging was very creative. You feel like you're in the elevator with them and get a sense of passing time. As humans tend to do, I formed an opinion of the characters and changed my opinion completely by the end of the play, as did the characters. I highly recommend this play!”

– (Goldstar Member since 2006)

“Loved it!!! Acting was wonderful, go see this while you can!!!”

– (Goldstar Member since 2010)

"It was very entertaining watching each character develop. The actors did an excellent job. Each actor understood their character and played them to perfection."

– (Goldstar Member since 2005)

"I took a shot in the dark going to this show and what a pleasant surprise! Not only entertaining but something almost everyone can relate to. A solid cast with good production value and excellent direction. Infinitely more rewarding than most of the movies I have seen in the past year!"

– Mindy Eads (Member since 2010)

“My husband and I brought 2 other couples to see this show last night, and we ALL had THE BEST TIME! Don't miss it! I'm telling everyone I know to catch this show before it leaves. It is funny, touching, thoroughly entertaining, and uplifting. What a delightful night at the theater ALL of us had! Bravo to writer and cast! Thank you!"

– Debra S Posner (Member since 2010)

“Everything about this play was excellent!!! OUTSTANDING CAST!! I JUST LOVE IT!!!! GO see this play pleaseeeeeee....”

– Wilson Uy (Member since 2007)

“This is one of the best plays I have seen and I have seen a lot of plays! It has everythåing, humor, touching moments, great story line, great acting. What a CLEVER CLEVER play, I would go see it again. DON"T MISS THIS GEM!!!!!"

- Iris (Member since 2009)

“This play was fantastic. We loved the characters, how they interacted and how their lives changed. Also, the characters' "inner voices" were cleverly done. The acting was terrific and we were sorry the play ended!"

- SusanD (Goldstar Member since 2010)

“The best play I have seen in years. Tight script and well delivered. Great actors. I look forward to seeing more from each of them.”

– Gene (Goldstar Member since 2007)

“Elevator was exciting, well acted and came with a good and solid story I would recommend anyone to see, with enthusiasm. The character development was well done, with the audience engaged and intrigued all the way until the end, when a standing ovation confirmed the praise felt for the play. A winner!!!”

- RTTRTC (Goldstar Member since 2009)

“This was the best play I have seen in years AND my husband enjoyed it too (which is a biggie since he isn't the theatre going guy). In his words "this is the best play you have ever taken me to!". It is funny, heartfelt, emotional and real. I will recommend that my friends run(not walk) to see this great great show, before its too late."

– (Goldstar Member since 2009)

“This really is a show that could've gone on for another hour, easily, with great performances, an interesting storyline, great set, really neat effects (characters' thoughts) and an intimate setting in a fabulous area with free and easy parking. 5 stars all the way!"

– (Goldstar Member since 2008)

“This was a great play.... acting was very good and really well written.... I just loved it!! "

seinee – (Goldstar Member since 2010)

“Engaging.. interesting..touched all emotions!"

La Vida – (Goldstar Member since 2010)

“Great show. Should not be missed!"

Hilda – (Goldstar Member since 2010)

“Great humor mixed with real life serious topics. Totally connected with the characters. GO WATCH IT!!! Highly recommend "

– (Goldstar Member since 2011)

“Just a well done performance. Felt like I knew each of the charactures personally. Go see it!"

- (Goldstar Member since 2011)

“It was the best show we have seen for a long time. All three of us (me, my husband and our grown-up son) enjoyed it."

- (Goldstar Member since 2010)

“We just loved this play! Clever and well-done in so many ways, but the less you know about it the better so just go see it!"

Dijou – (Goldstar Member since 2003)

“Took my Wife and 2 teenage kids and we all loved it! Great characters and a great message to all who see it. You will leave with a smile on your face and a new perspective on life. See it!"

Richard G – (Goldstar Member since 2008)

“Great production. Elevator is well written, performed well, and has a little for everyone. Ever wish you could say things to strangers that irk you the wrong way? Well this play does it for you. Think about the times when you have that long elevator ride, with strangers and you make assumptions about them. You will never know if you're right or wrong, until now. This play sucks you in from the get go and doesn't let you go until the 90 minutes are over. Go take the ride.

- (Goldstar Member since 2010)

"Six thumbs up! Our entire party – three teenagers, three adults – unanimously recommends “Elevator.”

tinkermommy– (Goldstar Member since 2009)

“Great play, great acting. Very funny. A must see! You won't regret it! ”

dukejeko– (Goldstar Member since 2009)

“I loved this play! Each character, and their psychological meltdown, was strongly engaging, interesting and fascinating. I wanted it to go on! Very well written. I hope it reaches more people.”

– (Goldstar Member since 2005)

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An inspiring script and magnificent direction all produces a magnificent show!"

- Associated Content


- LA Times

CRITICS PICK! 5 out of 5 stars! - "This is a very entertaining, optimistic and satisfying evening of theatre that you cannot afford to miss! For theatre aficionados, it's a rare chance to see raw nerve exposition by a fantastic group of actors. "

- BroadwayWorld.com

"Elevator is a Theatrical gem!"

- Performing Arts Live

“Writer-director Michael Leoni comes up with another winner in Elevator.”

- StageSceneLA.com

“Elevator is engaging, provocative, and thoughtful entertainment—a play to be watched again and again..”

- SoCal.com

“Elevator Is a Moving Experience”

- LA Stage

"This is a DO NOT MISS production! In the world of live theatre, this is a SMASH HIT!"

- Associated Content

“Leoni, who also directs, invests the production with ample wit and high-gloss style.”

- LA Times

"Nonstop fluid action should keep most audiences glued to their seats."

- BroadwayWorld.com

“…the most brilliant moment seen in the theatre all year.”

- Stage and Cinema

“Michael Leoni (Writer/Director) created characters and dialog that belong on a Broadway stage.

- Performing Arts Live

"Michael Leoni goes the distance theatrically in Elevator"

- BroadwayWorld.com

"This production most definitely has a powerful and intelligent director in its writer, who also directed."

- Associated Content

“…Mr. Leoni has what it takes directorially”

- Stage and Cinema

“The experience is enlightening.”

- The Global Film Village

“Spot-on dialog, electric direction.”

- StageSceneLA.com

“LEONI and his cast have full control of the audience.”

- Dulani After Dark

“ Leoni’s flair as a writer and passion for social change is the trademark of this piece.”

- LA Stage

"Written and directed by theatrical visionary, Michael Leoni, ELEVATOR is the new critically acclaimed play."

- CultureMob

“An emotional “elevator” ride that will keep you engaged for the entire 70 minutes."

- Performing Arts Live

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